Evolving is apart of life. “L”s are lessons not losses

About the CEO

Erin Boone was born June 15, 1990 at Washington Hospital Center. She was raised in Northeast, DC and graduated from Benjamin Banneker Academic High School in 2008. In 2012, Erin graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelors' degree in Criminal Justice. She currently is a letter mail carrier for the United States Postal Service. 

Working for the post office encouraged her to want better for herself and not to settle. Although she didn't major in fashion design she always had a natural creative mind and desire to design her own clothing brand. After talking to family and friends she was motivated to launch Evolving Brand. She was influenced by the black businesses flourishing especially in DC. 

"I wanted more for myself. I wasn't happy with my job and I wanted to do something that was going to make me happy, something I always wanted to do. I was getting comfortable and God made it uncomfortable. Evolving Brand was made from love and a new means to provide for myself and my family. It was created because I wanted to be my own boss. It was dreams and goals that I couldn't obtain being at the post office. If I want to live the life I want, I have to create my own path."

       - Erin Boone, CEO