Evolving is apart of life. “L”s are lessons not losses

About Us

Evolving Brand is a clothing brand based in Washington, DC. Created in February 2019 by CEO Erin Boone, Evolving Brand launched to promote continuous growth and progression in ones life. Evolving is life, as we are constantly learning and working to become better people. Evolving brand is all about motivating and encouraging positive growth. It is a clothing brand that is continuously growing and expanding to live up to the motto "More than a brand". 

The company name Evolving Brand stemmed from the CEO initials EB. Evolving was the best word to describe her using the letter E. The B standing for brand because it is a clothing brand. The symbol in the middle of the EB is the DC flag, to the side to be different, representing her city the District of Columbia. The colors chosen blended well with the color of the DC flag, red. 

Evolving Brand is currently only available for adults but it will soon be available for children. The company also gives back to the communities of DC by providing care packages.